Elements Design for the classic FIFE boat - Tern

I design the iconic dragon head and the tail for the classic boat - Tern. Considering that is 119 years old boat all the process of creation was by hand using just pencil and paper.

The restored 119 years – old classic boat Tern.
Tern is William Fife III 1897 Belfast Lough One Design Racing Yacht. 
After 18 months of restoration, Tern launch April 2015 for her first sailing...
My work in this project was to design the iconic dragon’s head. I had to respect the original Chinese dragon look that become stylised trademark on the William Fife yacht hulls. But of course every new created dragon head has to be slightly different so that every Fife's boat has his own identical trademark. The Iain Cook's (capitan) Idea was to change the usual image the usual image of Wheat Sheaf, normally seen in the Stern of all the Fife's Yachts, with the image of a bird feather. And so fitting since the vessel is named after a Seabird, Tern.
All the designs was hand drawn. My intention was to no use any digital platforms. After, the two elements was carved into the yacht and then overlaid with gold leaf.
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